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Raindrop                                                                                                              $80

Combines aromatherapy, reflexology, Vita Flex and Massage. 

     Essential oils are dispersed like drops of raining along the spine

     to bring structural alignment.


Aloe and Herbal Body Wrap                                                                             $65

With facial and foot massage


Stone Signature Massage                                                                    $75

Our Swedish relaxation massage incorporates the use of warm

     smooth stones to melt tension and soothe joints.  We use

     aromatherapy essential oils to provide you with a totally

      relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  60 minutes                                             


Swedish Relaxation Massage                                                      $1.25 per minute

A classic form of massage using long smooth and deep

     penetrating strokes.  Experience enhanced relaxation,

     reduce stress, and improve your overall health.  30-90 minutes  


Deep Tissue Massage                                                                         $50

Works the deeper layers of muscle tissue and focuses on specific areas

     of discomfort.    Not recommended for clients who are not acclimated

     to deep massage.  30 minutes                                                           


Aroma Stress Relief Massage                                                             $20

Rejuvenating massage to the face, neck and scalp relieves

     muscle tension (TMJ), sinus pressure and headaches,

     includes facial steam treatment.  Absolutely heavenly!


Foot Massage                                                                                   $40

Triggers relaxation throughout the entire body using

     acupressure points.  30 minutes


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