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Razor Cuts                                                                                                   From $35

Hair Cuts                                                                                                      From $25

Child’s Haircuts                                                                                            From $15


Shampoo and Style                                                                                       From $25


Special Occasion Style                                                                                 From $40


Hair Extensions (consultation)                                                                     From $25


Hair Extensions                                                                                           From $400


Touch-Ups (does not include hair)                                                              From $200


Shampoo and Conditioner                                                                           From $10


Custom Blend Protein or Conditioning Treatments                                    From $15


Scalp Treatment or Massage, dry or wet                                                     From $20


Braids (includes 2 braids)                                                                              From $25



Why are haircuts every 5-7 weeks important for hair growth?


That’s a great question, and it is true, people wonder why they should get their haircut if they want to grow their hair longer.  Truthfully, even if you want your hair to grow out, it is important to get back to your stylist for regular trims every 6 weeks.


*Keeping your ends trim and neat will lessen damage and breakage to your hair and help your hair appear to grow faster.  If you do not keep up on your trims/haircuts, your hair ends will break off and keep splitting or breaking leaving your hairs straggly looking.  The longer you wait to get a haircut, usually the more the stylist will want to cut off to bring your hair back to healthy.


*Condition regularly.   Conditioners protect the hair’s cuticle layer from splitting from the shaft. Pick a conditioner that works well for your hair and use it after every shampoo.

*Wear a hat!!!! Go get a cute hat and wear it once a week. Too much exposure to wind and sun can leave your hair thirsty and get dry.


Prices include a shampoo and light blow dry (not a complete style)


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